The Way of Peace…

If you find yourself saying, “My health and weight-loss attempts are depriving me of having a happy and full life….there has to be a better way,” then let this conversation with the Peace Coaches transform your current life. It’s time to put an end to the frustration with weight issues and live each day in happiness. No more weight loss rollercoasters . No more one-size-fits-all diets. Simply peace.


“Most diet books tell you what to eat but never dive into the side that really matters for sustained loss and change-the mindset-the reasons why we eat how we eat. Peace with Food goes into all of that WITHOUT telling you what to eat and still have success!” Siobhan Burch, Beachbody Coach “As a former high school and collegiate wrestler, I know the frustration and the sea of negative emotions on the road to losing hundreds of pounds only to gain them back…plus more. I only wish this book were available years ago, because it provides many easy-to-use and practical tools that you can start using today to get permanent results. I highly encourage you to read this book now and choose the path that leads to: peace with food!” Bob Manard, Leadership and Speech Coach “PWF (peace with food) is unlike anything I have tried before. For the first time in my life I am getting to know myself, I am trying new foods, and finally finding food enjoyable. This is the easiest, most fulfilling plan I have ever tried. It’s not only helped me to make healthier food choices, I have found I am intentionally looking for peace in other areas of my life. I have stuck with this plan longer than anything I have tried in the past, and can say with confidence my life is richer in so many ways having found peace with food.” Lisa Collins, Elementary Teacher

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